The Unfair Advantage MasterMind™

I’m Jeff Gunther, author of the upcoming book: Your Unfair Advantage. I’ve acquired hundreds of residential rental units, negotiated dozens of multi-million dollar commercial transactions, and contribute only about 20 hours a month overseeing them. I have time to pursue things that matter most to me. Making money is simple...

But it wasn’t always like this. Several years ago I made a series of major investments in other people’s projects. All of them failed. I lost more than everything and was emotionally and financially exhausted. Life can be hard.

So now I’ve decided to dedicate my life to helping you overcome obstacles, discover your unfair advantage, and experience the freedom available to you – regardless of where you are today.


There is no such thing as a ‘self-made success'.

If you’re determined to attract and retain extraordinary wealth through real estate investment,

you likely already know you need...

Advanced Market Intelligence

  • Acquire insight into long and short term economic cycles
  • Gain clarity on leading local economic indicators
  • Apply simple rule-of-thumb filters
  • Know the difference between fraud, a fad, and a trend
  • Become conversant with a sophisticated set of investment analysis tools
  • Discover ways to profit from any real estate market

Priority Access to a Wide Selection of Undervalued Residential and Commercial Assets

  • Increase deal flow
  • Increase acquisition volume
  • Increase transaction size
  • Expand expertise into unexplored or emerging asset classes
  • Access hidden investment opportunities
  • Discover nontraditional approaches to real estate investing
  • Become a programmatic buyer
  • Be first to learn about new offerings
  • Attract motivated sellers

Multiple Strategies to Amplify the Value of Any Asset

  • Access supernatural creativity
  • Uncover hidden sources of revenue
  • Attract and retain ideal tenants
  • Increase occupancy and rental revenue
  • Navigate municipal bureaucracy
  • Control operating expenses
  • Maximize cash-flow and NOI

Virtually Unlimited Access to Patient Capital

  • Find all the cash you need to close any deal
  • Find complementary partners for any project
  • Apply best practices to syndication

Unrestricted Access to Every Source of Financing Imaginable

  • Attract lower interest rates and more favorable terms
  • Explore creative financing options
  • Secure a guarantor
  • Discover little-known spiritual investment practices
  • Eliminate debt

Advanced Insight Into How and When to Exit

  • Engage the wisdom of wealthy investors
  • Know exactly when to hold and when to cash out
  • Explore a variety of advanced exit strategies
  • Attract and engage qualified buyers
  • Control the market
  • Gain access to advanced tax and estate planning strategies

Mastery in Business Leadership and Execution

  • Radically reduce the time it takes to learn and apply new knowledge
  • Uncover the best solution to any problem
  • Free your time by employing effective systems
  • Know for certain what to do and what to delegate
  • Master negotiation and presentation skills
  • Apply essential risk reduction strategies
  • Scale your investment business
  • Engage the wisdom of a built-in ‘board of directors'

Unwavering Belief in Your Ability to Create and Capture Value

  • Master your next-level wealth mindset
  • Start at the top in everything you choose to do
  • Develop proven success habits
  • Discover your ideal niche
  • Participate in a major development project
  • Engage in practical philanthropy
  • Find the freedom to pursue what’s most important to you

Unparalleled Joy of Sharing Your Journey with Real Friends

  • Instantly expand your network of real estate leaders
  • Develop lifelong friendships with people who genuinely know you
  • Be inspired by the company you keep
  • Find friendly and qualified support on any project you’re involved in
  • Stretch, support, and be supported by a select group of your peers

Know this:

Absolutely everyone who has ever accumulated any great fortune has consciously or unconsciously employed the MasterMind principle.

Consider this:

How much money are you leaving on the table on deals you can’t do or don’t know about?

What would you pay for a top-tier university degree delivering information or knowledge, but little experience and wisdom?

What’s the financial and emotional cost of making one really big real estate investment mistake?

$ $ $ The answer is easily hundreds of thousands of dollars! $ $ $




The Unfair Advantage MasterMind™ includes

  • A powerful network of entrepreneurial leaders you’ll be proud to identify with
  • A strictly limited group size designed to maximize intimacy and growth
  • Two 90-minute live video conferences every month, facilitated by me personally
  • Profound insight, deep dialogue, and personal connections
  • Special guests will occasionally share acquired wisdom
  • Recordings are made available following each event
  • Opportunity for deal flow and collaboration
  • Access to the private Unfair Advantage Facebook Group™
  • Confidentiality of personal and professional matters discussed within the group
  • Direct email access to Jeff for consultation on active transactions
  • A live destination retreat to celebrate, collaborate and grow
  • The pure pleasure of surrounding yourself with supportive friends
  • BONUS: First edition paperback copy of Your Unfair Advantage: The 180-Day Foolproof Plan for Real Estate Wealth, expected release December 2021

In order to qualify, you must...

  • Love real estate investment as a pathway to personal and financial freedom;
  • Welcome a challenge to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually; and
  • Be ready to bring value to every conversation.

Membership is only US$10,000.00 for one full year


Register today, and your investment is just 297/month

This Introductory Offer comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE:

Your monthly investment will never increase for as long as you remain a member

* The Unfair Advantage Master-Mind™ launches September 2021 *

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